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Rest - Why we don't take it, how to know when to take it, and some ways to make it happen

In 2020 we are almost expected to have this “go go go” approach to life at all times. In fact we glorify it! We “love it” so much we feel guilty when we do take some downtime for ourselves.

Between work, study, having children, having a home that is somewhat in order - oh and through in some self care as well…

Our plates are full! Times are busy - and rest doesn't seem to feature. And really, we should feature it a little more!

Rest seems to be the first thing that gets cut out from our busy regimes.

Our bodies require rest to reset and allow us to perform to our peak potential; And let's be honest - we need to perform at our peak!

Kirsten Nunez (Master of Science in nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in dietetics) encourages people to listen to their bodies and rest when it is needed.

"Rest allows our muscle tissue to heal and grow after exercise; it reduces the risk of injury; it encourages proper recovery and cell replenishment, which is super important!"

Our bodies give us some signs that we need to rest. It is important to recognize these signs and respond.

Things like:

* Constant fatigue (you know, more so than the usual!)

* Muscle soreness/ heaviness (outside of the usual burnie glutes you get after a class with Emma 😂)

* Disrupted sleep patterns

* Emotional changes including mood swings and irritability

* Lapses in concentration

* The "I feel a cold coming on feelings" * Lethargy

More often than not, when your body is telling you something - you should listen!

We are all busy people - rest isn't always the easiest commodity to come by.

BUT a couple of things you can do, to squeeze in a little rest and maximize the benefit of rest.

* Swap out your high impact class for something a little less intense - or completely miss a class that day. (We aren't training for the Olympics friends 😂 ) let your body recover.

* Use some of that sick leave you have stored up (it is there for that reason!). OR even better, plan for a break.

* Try and divide up your work day (what ever that looks like, in an office, at home, with the kids!) into smaller, manageable segments. Take breaks!

* If you have little ones - when they have quiet time, you have quiet time too (try not to race around even harder at this time to get shit done - it can wait!)

* Try to make sure you are nourishing your body well! The body will not recovery with out the right fuel! Up the protein a little, up the veggie intake and keep hydrated!

There is no glory in pushing through. Take it from me 🙋‍♀️ The queen of the push through and crash! We are no good to anybody when we hit the wall!

Listen to your body - rest when it tells you to!

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