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Wednesday to Wednesday Availability 09/03 - 15/03

Ok, enough about the rain. Can we take a moment and recognise that it is flippin MARCH.

Each year this happens, I look at the calendar and one day I was saying "happy new year" and then it was March.

Good news is though, March is all about filling your cup and we have got the classes available for you to do that!

Wednesday 09/03/2022

6:15am Cruise - Only 1 space left!

7:15am Boxing - Only 1 space left!

9:30am Fusion (creche) - Available

10:30am Cruise (creche) - Available

12:30pm Sweat - (creche) Available

7:15pm Belle Mat - Available

Thursday 10/03/2022

6:15am Sweat - Available

7:15am Fusion - Available

9:30am Cruise - Available

5:45pm Cruise - Available Perfect for beginners!

6:45pm Sweat - Available

Friday 11/03/2022

6:00am Cruise - Available - Only 1 space left

6:45am - Fusion - Available

7:45am Cruise - Available

9:30am Cruise - Only 1 space left

Start your weekend with Belle!

Saturday 12/03/2022

6:15am Fusion - Available

7:30am Cruise - Available

9:30am Sweat - Available

*my pick for the week!

10:30 - Cruise - Only 1 space left

Monday 14/03/2022

6:15am - Sweat - Available

7:15am - Cruise - Available

9:30am Cruise - Available (1 space only)

10:30am Cruise - Available

5:45pm Cruise - Available (Be quick)

6:45pm Sweat - Available

Tuesday 15/03/2022

6:15am Fusion - Waitlist only

7:15am Sweat - Available

9:30am Cruise - (creche) Available

10:30am Boxing - (creche) Available

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