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Safe return to exercise

 Belle Babies is a 6 week, return to exercise program for new mums designed by Belle Head Trainer, Jenna Salvaterra and 6S Physio Women's Health Physiotherapist, Maddie Linnet..

We approach the program with knowledge about your post-natal body and  build up the basics for a safe post- partum return to exercise. 

You are able to claim this program on your Health Insurance. At the completion of the program, we will provide you the appropriate documentation to take to your private health insurance provider, to make a claim.

If you're unsure if this program is right for you, come along to our FREE workshop to hear from Jenna and Maddie. We have Nannies on site to care your bubs so you can focus on YOU!

Spots are strictly limited so we can ensure the best care for our participants so be sure to book as soon as you're ready.



Return to Exercise FREE workshop

Led by Maddie from 6S Physio, catered by InnerGlow, with Nannies on site to look after bubs. This will be a practical workshop where we learn about the postpartum body and the basics of your pelvic floor and core restoration. 

Women’s Health Physio Initial Consult
(Valued at $179)

This is a complete initial consult with Maddie at 6S Physio. Often, the “6-week check” from your GP or local clinic is the marker of a safe return to exercise. However, the gold standard, should be a complete screening from a Women’s Health Physiotherapist. The information gained from this screening will be fed back to Belle  Movement and in consultation with Maddie, we will tweak the program to ensure we are meeting individual needs.

6 x Pilates Classes + creche (valued at $169) Week 1 - Tuesday 30th of April & Wednesday 1st of May.  

This will be a week by week, progressive program. Starting with the basics of breath and deep core activation, hip stability and pelvic floor coordination. 

Week 1: Pelvic Floor, Diaphragm Connection. ​ 

Week 2: Hamstring and Glute focus ​. 

Week 3: Thoracic mobility and strength ​

Week 4: Core Conncection ​

Week 5: Upper body strength and mobility​

Week 6: Coordination of breath, and pelvic floor in a more dynamic setting. ​

Total Package $279

(Total Value $359)

Payment plans available.

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