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Belle Running is back in 2023!
RD 2 Commences 6th of May (first run)  
29th of April for Goal Seeting 

the program
  • 8 x Guided Running Sessions 


Starting small and building up time, distance and experimenting with different terrains. 

  • 8 x post-run recovery/ stretch sessions

After each run, we return to the studio for a stretch and recovery session or we jump in the ocean for some cold water immersion recovery. 

  • Run Specific Strength/ Conditioning/ Pilates classes in the studio (optional add on for casual members) 

This is where the magic happens! We work on building your strength and stamina, reduce injury risk and have a ball!  


As the old saying goes... "You can't run to get fit, until you are fit to run"

and the fun stuff 
  • "Goal setting, grazing and getting to know you"

The opening afternoon of grazing and getting know know your fellow runners. Ami Rankin will facilitate a goal setting workshop so you can get clear on what you hope to get out of the Belle Running program AND so we can help you achieve that. 

  • Run-Venture Brunch Date 

Our final run is a "day out" where we will run together and celebrate making it to the end of the program together. 

Mindset is everything - and that is where we will begin! 

Mindset is everything! Especially when you are thinking about taking on a new challenge!


Belle is teaming up with the amazing Ami Rankin to deliver our "Mindset, Goal Setting and Grazing" workshop. The workshop is all about overcoming self-limiting beliefs, shifting your mindset and setting goals!


Ami is an "Emotional Well-being and Mindset Coach" & is so great at helping you unpack those pesky roadblocks in your mind and setting achievable and realistic goals.

This is a part of the Belle Running Program 


It is the perfect place to start if you aren't sure if Belle Running is for you!

Important Details

When: Saturday the 29th of April at 4:00pm 

Where: Belle Movement, Umina Beach 

How do I sign up: Hit this button right here 👇

*if you have joined Belle Running, you will automatically be added to the guest list. 

the run club

Here is the thing, often we are a bit scared of trying something new in a group.

I am here to tell you, this group, this club - it is amazing! 

It is social. 

It is supportive. 

It is all about working together towards your individual goals. 

This club is for all abilities! 

Complete beginner - fine. We start with 60 seconds of running and go from there. 

You have experience? Great - let's use 60 seconds to make you faster and more efficient. 

The guided running sessions are interval based sessions where you can work at your own pace to reach your goals. 

With the added bonus of a cheer squad around you. 

What is the Strength/ Conditioning and Pilates all about?
(and is it really that important?)

Here is what I know. 

I know that running isn't always as simple as popping your shoes on and taking off. 

Running is high impact (and high reward if you ask me!) and therefore we need to prepare our bodies to run.

Pilates in combination with Strength and Conditioning is one of the BEST ways to ensure your body is prepared to run AND reduce the risk of injury! 

Which is why we highly HIGHLY recommend you combine your running with our other classes. 


You can use your current weekly or month memberhsip with Belle to book these classes in. 

If youa re new here (welcome!! We are so excited to have you!) 

We have a special discounted "Runners" Rate for you to combine your running with pilates.


You week might look a little like this:

Saturday: Run Club followed by a recovery session 

Monday: Strength and Conditioning to build that power and strength you need to run!

Wednesday: Reformer Cruise to unwind, stretch and focus a bit more on mobilty. 

Friday: Belle Boxing to get a combination of cardio and reformer to set you up for you Saturday run.


you will...

You will increase your confidence in your ability to run!

You will improve your running ability (even if you believe that ability to currently be non-existent!)  

You will gather a pool of mindset tools that are applicable not only to running but to all aspects of your life.

You will improve your strength and stamina.

You will learn technical running skills.

You will learn so much about strength and conditioning and the ways in which it can assist you with your running.

You will learn about your body and ways in which you can improve your running performance.

You will feel many of the mental health and well-being benefits of running and be introduced to the fabulous 'runners high'!

You will feel inspired and supported in our community of like-minded women.

You will overcome your objections to running (some of which we have had in our heads since we were little little girls).

You will feel flippin amazing!


"I felt like the program was challenging enough without being overwhelming. It inspired me to continue running and I have managed to continue injury free which was my goal!"

- Mon

"5 stars! I joined Belle Running with the goal of being able to run 5km in 30 minutes which I can now do! Jenna taught us how to warm up properly, get fit to run and time our runs so that we could go the distance."

- Sophie

"I absolutely loved Belle running. I’ve never been a great runner but by doing this, I realised you don’t have to be! Since starting the program, I have gotten back into going for a regular jogs. It’s also super motivating doing it with a bunch of awesome women."

- Amy

"If you’re looking for motivation to move more, get outside and connect with a friendly bunch of locals, then Belle Running is for you. It’s been so worth it. I’ve gone from absolutely no running to running a couple of times a week now."

- Michelle


29/4/2023  "Mind Set Goal setting, grazing and getting to know you". Mindset workshop with Ami Rankin and Jenna Salvaterra.

6/5/2023  - Week 1 Commences. Week 1 is about establishing a base, refining some techniques and learning that you CAN do this. 

13/5/ 2023 Week 2 Commences. Build on that base by either increasing the intensity of the time of our run. 

20/5/2023 Week 3 Commences. For our experienced runners, we will push the pace and get outside our comfort zones. For our beginners, we repeat week 2. 


27/5/2023  - Week 4 Commences. Tide pending - this could be our beach run. If not, this will be in week 5

3/6/2023 - Week 5 Commences. Tide pending this week could be our beach run. If beach week falls on week 4, week 5 will be a building run. 

10/6/2023 - Week 6 Commences. Out on the road, back on the sand!


17/6/2023Week 7 Commences. We try something super challenging in our run this week, Blackwall mountain! (and I promise you will feel so proud once it is done) 

24/6/203 - Run-Venture and Brunch! Keep your morning free. This is our final celebration, where we bring it all together and celebrate all you've achieved with a run and a brunch! 



* for current Belle Weekly/ Monthly Members, Belle Running is a one off $99 add on. 

Pilates Add On 

If you would like to add pilates to your Belle Running experience (which we highly recommend you do!) and you are not currently a member, we can arrange that for you! 


Once you sign up, you will receive an email detailing how to go about this AND a HUGE discount code! 



Can I join if I am a complete beginner?

Yes!! You absolutely can. This is a program that can be performed at your own pace! We will help you along the way.


Will I get anything from the program if I have a bit of running experience? 

100% yes. 

We tweak the weekly run sessions accordingly for individuals. AND you will gain so much by incorporating Strength, Conditioning and Pilates into your current running routine. 

I have an old injury that has prevented me from running – can I still join Belle Running?

Ideally, we would like for you to have clearance to commence a running program from a physio or other medical professional. This way we can be sure not to worsen any existing injury.

I have recently had a baby, can I join Belle Running?

This isn’t as simple as a yes or no. This is a super-specific question for each induvial. If you have recently had a baby and you have had your 6 week check-up with a Dr and with a women’s health physio who has given you clearance to commence a running program – then yes, this is for you. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Belle Movement directly.


What do I need, equipment-wise, to join the run club?

Not very many things!! Appropriate footwear is a must and really the only must-have. Some of our Run Sessions will ask you to run to a time eg- 1 minute running, 1-minute walking, so a watch or your phone is super handy for these sessions. Given that you may have your phone, a little running belt can come in handy to store your phone and run with free hands.

How long will the classes go for? 

Run Club: Allow 45 mins - 60 mins 

Stretch Classes: allow 15 - 20 mins

What are the running sessions actually like? 

Truthfully, I could be a little guilty of false advertising here. BUT the running sessions involve, running, walking, and talking 😁. I'll elaborate a little on that. Each session we meet at the studio (with the exception of week 7 and the final run-venture). We walk over to Ettalong waterfront where we do a comprehensive warm-up where we focus on activating all of the right muscle groups to get us moving (Glutes, hamstrings, callves and core to name a few). Then we set off on our intervals. At the beginning of the session we set a goal. That might be, 1 minute walking, 1 minute running x 10 at a RPE (you will learn all about RPE during the program) of 6. If you are a little more advanced, we might tweak that based on your ability. 

There is always someone who will be running at your pace (this is where the talking comes in) and you work together to get through the set. 

We meet back up at the water front. 

We chat some more. 

And head in for a stretch. 

So in answer to the question, what are the running sessions like, so so fun!


What if it rains?

Litlle bit of water never hurt anyone? 

If it does drizzle we will go ahead. If the weather get's crazy we will head inside (if possible) and do a conditioning session. If that is not possible due to scheduling we will add an extra run club class on to the end of the program. 

Is there a cap on how many participants can join Belle Running?

Yes, this year the Run Club will be capped at 30 participants. 

What if I join and I don’t like it?

Totally fine – we will give you your money back or we can credit you pilates classes! 


Have more questions – send em through!!

Have more questions? 

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