Belle Running is back in 2021 with what we think, is so much more than "running". 



Overcoming barriers 

Setting goals 




strength, conditioning &

Technical skills


Physical screening  

Run specific strength and conditioning 

On going improvement 



Team environment 

Individual goals

Build your confidence 

Big old cheer squad to keep you going.


Belle Running is..

is a comprehensive running program for women.

This program is for any level of runner. From beginner right through to an experienced runner.

Belle running will be delivered in two parts.

Part one: The Belle Running Workshop (one day)

Part two: The Belle Run Club (10 Weeks)


These programs are designed to compliment one and other, however are fabulous stand alone programs if you would like to choose one or the other.

You can also participate completely online. 

you will...

You will increase your confidence in your ability to run!

You will improve your running ability (even if you believe that ability to currently be no existent!)  

You will gather a pool of mindset tools that are applicable not only to running but to all aspects of your life.

You will improve your strength and stamina.

You will learn technical running skills.

You will be given strength and conditioning classes that you can do with minimal equipment in the comfort of your own home.

You will learn about your body and ways in which you can improve your running performance.

You will feel many of the mental health and well being benefits of running and be introduced to the fabulous runners high!

You will feel inspired and supported in our community of like minded women.

You will overcome your objections to running (some which we have had in our heads since we were little little girls).

You will feel flippin amazing!


Full day


Goal Setting 



Fancy Lunch 

Run club

10 week program 

Weekly Group Running Sessions 

Online run-specific-pilates 

Fortnightly Group Stretch Class

Online Stretch Classes 

Ongoing Mindset Coaching


Complete online program

Access to recordings of the workshop

Weekly Running Sessions to complete 

Fortnightly Group Stretch Class

Online Stretch Classes 

Ongoing Mindset Coaching

The Belle Running Workshop 

Sunday 2nd May 

Umina SLSC, 9 - 2pm 

The Belle Running Workshop will be hosted at Umina SLSC (the birth place of Belle Movement) which I would argue has one of the most delightful outlooks on all of the Central Coast!

The Workshop is a full-day-treat-yourself-event where we will take you through a whole range of presentations, practical activities, movement classes and a delicious lunch with a fabulous bunch of local ladies.


"Don't fear moving slowly forward. Fear standing still"

The workshop will go a little like this…


Arrive and pick your mat for a Belle Running Pilates class.

Finish your class with all of the endorphins and meet your presenters for the day.

Begin your Mindset workshop with Ami Rankin where you will explore and overcome some big old mindset hurdles before you begin pounding the pavement such as:

  • Overcoming your objections to running

  • Exploring your “why”

  • Setting your goals with meaning and purpose

We will then take a short break on the deck of Umina SLSC where we will have some snacks provided by the amazing Inner Glow Kiosk.


We will then dive into the latest research around running with Jenna Salavterra. What are the real benefits (both physical and mental) explanation around the runners high and how it can change your world.


Then you will get to the technical specifics of running presented by John Kelly – Physiotherapist and running expert from 6S Physiotherapy. JK (as he is affectionately known) will give us a super simple run down on the biomechanics of running and explain/ debunk some of the myths around running.


This will be followed by a physical screening lead by JK and the Belle Movement team. This is all about providing you with an understanding of your body and area’s in which you can build strength to ensure minimize your risk of injury AND improve your running performance.


Lunch time… A grazing table created by Inner Glow kiosk will be awaiting you on the deck of Umina SLSC.


Back into the “studio” to run through a basic stretch and release class led by Jenna and her team. This is one you can take home with you and repeat again and again.


We finish off the day with another session delivered by the lovely Ami, all about priority and time management. You will walk away with an action plan as to how you are going to bring running into your life!


This is a day not to be missed, and places are limited 

"Some day you will look back at the progress you have made and be so glad you never gave up !"


Belle Run Club

Saturday May 8 - July 10

Belle Movement and other locations

8 x Running Sessions.

8 x Strength and Conditioning Sessions (to be completed at home with minimal equipment).

4 x Stretch and Release Sessions (in person at Belle Movement).

4 x Stretch and Release Sessions (to be completed at home).

Fortnightly mindset activities and check ins.

This is the part where I bet you are thinking “I couldn’t possibly join a run club, I am not a runner”

Or “I couldn’t possibly join a run club, I am too slow” or “I couldn’t possibly join a run club, I can’t run more than 100m”

This list of “I couldn’t s” is long and I am familiar with ALLLLL of them.

But this run club is different.

We won’t just meet up and say “ok friends we are running to xxxxxx and it is xx km’s – ready set off you go”. No. No. No.

We are going to meet up and do a running session!

So, no matter what your level you will get something from this.

You will run shorter intervals and build them up to longer ones.

You will run on different terrains to build your strength.

You will be given strength and conditioning programs to do at home to help improve your performance.

You will be guided through stretch and release classes to help relieve the muscles.

You will be given ongoing mindset work and tools to apply not only to your running but to your day to day life.

Each week will be different. Each week will be fun. Each week you will feel yourself improve!

This is the kick start you need post workshop AND we are here to keep you on track!

May 8

Week 1

Belle Run Club – Session 1
1 minute intervals – Test yourself


Belle Running Stretch and Release Session

Belle Movement


May 15

Week 2

Belle Run Club – Session 2


Ettalong Netball Courts

Mindset check-in w Ami

May 22

Week 3

Belle Run Club

Session 3

Extend your intervals  


Belle Running Stretch and Release Session

Belle Movement

May 29

Week 4

Pick your own Run!

Give it a try solo and see how you go!

From wherever you are!

June 5

Week 5

Belle Run Club

Session 4


Blackwall Mountain

Mindset check-in w Ami

June 12

Week 6

June Long Weekend

June 19

Week 7

Belle Run Club

Session 5

Extend Your Intervals

Belle Movement


Belle Running Stretch and Release Session

Belle Movement

Mindset checkin w Ami



June 26

Week 8

Belle Run Club

Session 6


Umina SLSC

July 3

Week 9

Belle Run Club

Session 7

Long Intervals

Belle Movement 


Belle Running Stretch and Release Session

Belle Movement

July 10

Week 10

Belle Run-Venture!

Final Run Session 

Ettalong Ferry Wharf

Palm Beach Light House Run




Run club



Complete program


Complete online program


Can I join if I am a complete beginner?

Yes!! You absolutely can. This is a program that can be performed at your own pace! We will help you along the way.


I have an old injury that has prevented me from running – can I still join Belle Running?

Ideally, we would like for you to have clearance to commence a running program from a physio or other medical professional. This way we can be sure not to worsen any existing injury.

I have recently had a baby, can I join Belle Running?

This isn’t as simple as a yes or no. This is a super specific question to each induvial. If you have recently had a baby and you have had your 6 week check up with a Dr and with a women’s health physio who have given you clearance to commence a running program – then yes, this is for you. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Belle Movement directly.


I am not on the Central Coast – but I love the idea of this program. Can it be completed remotely?

Yes!! We will be uploading all of the workshop content, all of the strength and conditioning, stretch and running sessions, so you can complete the program anywhere you are.

Can you just do the workshop?

Absolutely! The workshop sets you up to get started. So if you wanted to, you could come along and let the workshop be the kick start that you need to get going on your running journey. 


Can I just join the run club?

Yes you certainly can! The run club can be completed with out the work shop.


What if I can’t make one of the Run Club Sessions?

Not to worry – all of the sessions will be written and given to you to complete in your own time if you wish!

What do I need equipment wise to join the run club?

Not very many things!! Appropriate footwear is a must and really the only must have. Some of our Run Sessions will ask you to run to a time eg- 1 minute running, 1 minute walking, so a watch or your phone is super handy for these sessions. Given that you may have your phone, a little running belt can come in handy to store your phone and run with free hands.

You will need a couple of bits and pieces for the home Strength and Conditioning – however you can get away with out it. We will give you options for with or with out equipment. However, a weight (4-10kg), a skipping rope, a trigger ball, foam roller and a TheraBand would be handy (you can get all of these things super easily in Kmart). But you can complete the program with out gear!




What if I join and I don’t like it?

Totally fine – we will give you your money back.


Have more questions – send em through!!