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Bro-lates is back!

After a sold out first round earlier this year, we are bringing back a re-vamped Bro-lates!

A week week pilates program for men. 

Beining the week starting 12th of September

One comment we hear (almost more than any other) is, "there is a man in my life that NEEDS to do this". However, the trouble is, convincing the men in our lives to give it a go! Hence why we've decided to bring "bro-lates" back for a 6-week program. A guys-only, 6-week progressive program. Find your core strength and mobility. 


The first round of “Bro-lates” was a sold out. 
And this time, we have made some tweaks to make it even better. 

This time around, the program will be 100% reformer-based classes rather than the circuit style of the program. 

We will have a range of available days and times. 
It is equally suitable for both experienced Pilates enthusiasts, returning clients from the last Bro-lates program and for beginners. 

Our focus throughout the program will be to increase mobility, increase strength, decrease the niggly aches and pains and most of all, obliterate the stigma that pilates is only for women! 

When is it on?

There will be 3 separate time slots for Bro-lates. You will need to pick your day/time for the 6 weeks.
The 3 options are: 

  • Tuesday’s 6:00am at Umina 

  • Wednesday’s, 7:15pm at Umina 

  • Satruday’s 6:15am at Umina 

The program will kick off the week starting Monday, 11th of September and run 6 weekly sessions from there. 


Who is it for?

It is for any guy who is keen to get involved with pilates! I saw a reformer in the warm-up rooms for the Aussie Boomers last week. They are in the Melbourne Storm’s training facility. Kelly Slater has one in his house. Joseph Pilates - the man behind it all… well he was a man. Catch my drift? 


Is it just stretching?

No, no, no no, no no, no! Yes, there is a little bit of stretching, but primarily you will work on building strength and mobility in the classes. You can expect to work up a little sweat! You will certainly feel a burn through many a small muscle that you might not have known was there! 


Why 6 weeks? 

The 6-week program will be all about the fundamentals of pilates, mobility, strength and balance. 1 session is not enough to gain any benefit from a pilates class. 6 weeks of consistent practice - you will start to notice a difference! 

And who doesn’t need a little bit of accountability, right? 


How do I book? 

You just choose which day you would like to join us and follow the appropriate link below.

How Much?

$139 for all 6 sessions. 

Book your spot

Tuesday, 6:00am @ Umina 

Wednesday 7:15pm @ Umina 
Saturday 6:15am @ Umina 

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