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"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"
Maya Angelou

My name is Jenna Salvaterra, and I am the owner and lead trainer at Belle Movement. I am a Mum of 2 girls, wife to the most amazing husband, and have the most wonderful community of friends around me.


In my life I’ve moved in a few different ways.


I’ve been an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, a wanna be runner, a pregnant mum, a new mum putting the body back together (twice), a toddler chaser, a baby swayer, a circuit doer, a sweat seeker, an athlete supporter, a sport enthusiast, a determined player and all that falls in between.


One thing that flows through all of this is how happy and whole I feel when I am moving.


So here I am, hoping to share that happiness with as many people as I can by creating awesome and accessible Pilates inspired classes to women all over the country.

Why PIlates?

Well, to me, pilates just makes sense.


It is the perfect combo of all of the things. It is strength, it is mobility it is conditioning, it complements so many of life's stages. New mum - tick. Expecting mum - Tick. Elite athlete - Tick. Runner - tick. Want some extra strength - tick. Back pain - tick. Bone density issues - tick.


I could list all day.


I believe it is universally beneficial form of moving out there!


And to be honest - our classes aren't pure pilates. They are inspired by the pilates method and principles and I think that is what makes Belle so special!

Where did Belle Begin? 

Belle Movement began back in 2018 - operating out of our local Surf Life Saving Club, 3 classes per week.


But we were a little different, we had an onsite nanny and creche.


I was out to service "me". A mum who needed movement to keep her fit, strong and well. Evidence based programs designed for the needs of mums. Accessible, affordable and realistic!


The perfect set up for Mum's looking to get their "move" on, with out the hassle of the regular "Mums and Bubs" thing.


 3 classes per week just wasn't cutting the mustard and 2019 we moved into our own studio in Ettalong.


The mission still the same, just in a slightly different shape! Reformers were added, a purpose built cheche set up and quickly Belle grew to 50 classes per week, 6 staff and wildly amazing community! Belle was a special place!

Then there was 2020 - what could have been the breaker of Belle! I don't need to tell the story, but Belle pivoted, changed and we are where we are today! 2 Studio's, an amazing partnership with Ettalong Yoga a fabulous team and the most wonderful community. 

2021 has seen us build our biggest ever timetable, out most comprehensive set of classes

Your name isn't Belle? Why Belle? 

Belle - She is my alter ego.


She is brave, confident, funny, strong, a great mum, and great friend, she's fierce, a supportive shoulder to cry on, loyal, understanding, talented, a great singer (well.... That could be stretching it)  and most of all welcoming. Basically Belle is super woman.


I am not super woman and can't be all of those things all of the time.


None of us can!!


But when I step into my "Belle " shoes - I kind of feel that I can. For a few minutes, be super woman. I can do just about anything.


So ultimately - I hope when people join Belle Movement, they feel for the few minutes that they are with us, that they too are super woman and they too can be all of the things they need to be!

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