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Schedule April 26 - July 3

Summer has come and gone which means it is time for our Autumn/ Winter Schedule! We've got big plans for the cooler months with the introduction of two new classes.

Our "QUEEN-agers" (over 60's) class will kick off as of the 26th of April. This class is for our more mature clients. It is all about building balance, strength and mobility. We are so excited to have a class that is specific to this group of clients.

Belle Running - It will be back and it is going to be BIG this year. Although you'll not see the Belle Running Classes on this list here, it's coming and will feature on our schedule from 7th of May to - 3rd of July.

Autumn/ Winter Schedule


6:15am Reformer Sweat

7:15am Reformer Cruise

9:30am Reformer Cruise

10:30am Reformer Queen-agers**

5:45pm Reformer Cruise

6:45pm Reformer Sweat


6:15am Fusion

7:15am Reformer Sewat

9:30am Boxing (c)

10:30am Cruise (c)


6:15am Reformer Cruise

7:15am Boxing

9:30am Fusion (c)

10:30am Babies (c)

11:30am Reformer Cruise (c)

12:30pm Reformer Sweat

6:15pm Reformer Cruise - GLOW

7:15pm Mat


6:15am Reformer Sweat

6:15am Running - Rush Sesh

9:30am Reformer - QUEENAGERS

10:30am Cruise - 1 month trial

12:15pm Reformer Sweat

5:45pm Reformer Cruise

6:45pm Reformer Sweat


6:00am Reformer Cruise

6:45am Fusion

7:45am Reformer Cruise

9:30am Reformer Cruise

10:30am Queen-agers 1 month trial


6:15am Fusion

7:30am Reformer Cruise

9:30am Reformer Sweat

10:30am Reformer Cruise

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