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Gregory Avdeev
Gregory Avdeev


Design view and Layout view are not available for any database objects in runtime mode. This helps prevent users from modifying the design of objects in your database application. You cannot enable Design view or Layout view in runtime mode.


This software can unlock Access files. The program does not require any Access application other than the Access program being unlocked. Once the program is done it will return you a message box that will inform you of any errors that it encountered. The errors will be listed in the message box.

Users can use the View > Macros submenu in Access to open a macro editor and view the VBA code. Users can modify the VBA code, but the code will still work the same as when the MDE is locked.

  • Align Fields and Groups

  • Create Button Fields

  • Standard and Database Driven Subforms

  • Insert Records to the Design Grid

  • Updating Fields

All these features have been integrated into the design, and can be enabled through the ribbon. This can be the best feature ever!

When the program is done it saves the unlock request and the database in the target file. There is no other information provided about the program or its performance. So all that you need to know is if the program was able to unlock the Access database file and save it as an.accde file or a.mde file again.

Report Report mode gives you the ability to create reports in designer mode, even if you do not have any code in the report. You can use the tools available in the Report menu to easily preview the report before you compile the report into a.MDB report file. However, once you compile a report, you cannot change any of the report's design in Report mode. You cannot unload the report and you cannot get to the design of the report.


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