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3 Classes for $49 Introductory Offer

We are moving!

After 4 fabulous years in the Galleria, our Ettalong studio is moving to the main street. 
Our new home will be 1/46 Picnic Pde, Ettalong Beach. 
We are due to be open in this new space on the 24th of April, 2023. 

"Bro"lates is back

One comment we hear (almost more than any other) is, "there is a man in my life that NEEDS to do this". However, the trouble is, convincing the men in our lives to give it a go!


Hence why we've decided to bring "bro-lates" back for a 6 week program.

A guys only, 6 week progressive program to get all of the basics down. Find your core strength and mobility.


As a general rule, pilates isn't always what people assume it is. It isn't just a passive stretch session. It is dynamic strength and mobility!


The 6-week program will be all about the fundamentals of pilates, mobility, strength and balance.


1 session is not enough to gain any benefit from a pilates class. 6 weeks of consistent practice - you will start to notice a difference!


This is the perfect place to program, if you have always wanted to give pilates a try and weren't too sure where to start! 

Where: Ettalong Studio 
When: 5:45pm, Thursday 27th of April - Thursday 1st of June
How Much: $129 for the 6 week course
ONLY 10 places available

Bro lates stock image.png


Belle Running is back in May! 

Join us for 8 weeks of Running, Pilates, Strength and great chat! 

Download the Belle Movement App!

We are so excited to announce that we have launched our very own Belle Movement App. 

The app is the very best way to book classes, track your class passes and stay up to date with all of our latest news, events and programs. 


Hello friend! And welcome to Belle! 

Belle Movement is a Pilates and Movement studio located at both Ettalong Beach and Umina Beach on the Central Coast of NSW. 

The Belle studios are welcoming and inclusive spaces with classes to suit every-body. 

Our philosophy is all about joy through movement. Whatever that might look like for you!

What makes us special is our community!


At Belle, we pride ourselves on creating a warm, nurturing and inviting space where everyone can feel joy through movement and connection with a fabulous community. 

We have a class for everyone

Our classes are based on Pilates principles applied with elements of strength and conditioning. 

  • Reformer Pilates 

  • Mat Pilates 

  • Post-Partum Specific Classes 

  • Pregnancy friendly classes 

  • Classes with creche (available at our Ettalong Studio) 

  • Beginners Classes 

  • Advanced Classes 

  • Classes for our over 60's (aka our Queenagers) 

  • Strength and Conditioning Classes (folded in with a pilates flare) 

  • Private Sessions 

  • Specific Programs 

  • Special events and retreats 


At Belle, we offer around 50 classes per week across both of our locations. 

We are pretty confident we can find a class and time to suit almost everybody's needs and schedule. 


If you've never visited Belle Movement before, the very best place to begin is with our "3 Classes for $49" introductory offer. 

You can use those passes on any 3 of our classes and either (or both) studios to get a feel for our classes and schedule. 

Beyond your initial 3 Classes, we offer class packs and memberships. 

1:1, 2:1 and Small Group Sessions 

At Belle, we do have the capacity to facilitate sessions tailored to your specific needs. These sessions are typically 45 minutes with a dedicated instructor. 

To book in 1:1, 2:1 or Small Group session, we ask that you fill in the form linked below, to provide us with some more info with regards to the type of session you are after and we will get back to you ASAP. 

Little bit more about Belle

Contrary to the name of the studio, my name is in fact not Belle. It is Jenna. And I founded Belle Movement. 

I grew up right here in Umina Beach. And in 2018, I returned to the Central Coast with my young family and began Belle Movement on the floor of Umina SLSC. 

1 Class Per Week on a Wednesday morning has grown to 2 studios, 20 Reformers, 550 class places per week, 12 staff and countless amazing connections with the wonderful community that has grown. 

Community is everything!

It goes without saying that I am so passionate about exercise and its benefits to overall health. However what I hope to create with Belle, is a place that will bring people together in a space where they feel included, they feel welcome, and they feel motivated to move. 

Community is everything to me. Having grown up in the sporting community, I always felt connected to a special group of like-minded people. There was always a friendly face at the local surf club to help "wash the day away". 


 I feel like, as adults, we can lose that type of connection. And I hope Belle can be that place for people. A place where there is a smiling face to move with. 

I am a Mum, a wife, a boss, an ex-athlete, and a movement enthusiast. My world is crazy busy, noisy and full.


And Belle is my dream business that is now VERY real and I am so thrilled to share it with you all. 

Quote that we live by at Belle 

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


Maya Angelou. 

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