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Super Mario Music Download: How to Get All the Original and Remix Tracks

It's really great that all of these are up, but yeah, you forgot "Master Battle" and Jr. Troopa's themes. I download all my music from here, though. I would give this a 10 if you added them. -angelrulez7

super mario music download

Download apk:

You can downlaod the music by right clicking download to computer and then a menu shoul pop up and then click"Save target as".You see another menu pop up.Choose where you want it and then click"Download".Tada!It should be there the next time you look.

Paper mario has always had amazing music and this includes most of the themes in it. It is missing a couple but all the main themes are in here. I was surprised to see the Freeze! theme. Its not the easist track to come across so thats an up to it. Overall it may have been better on some songs to extend the loops but besides this the set deserves a 9/10 for sure.

Memer6000Boy I love mario bros and talking about mario bros in the mario bros thread yeah only mario bros i love mario bros good game great series mario bros yes mario bros yay mario super bros is super yesI'm more of a Mega Man and Castlevania guy, but I do love to play Mario games ever now and again. I don't play them constantly like Mega Man or Castlevania, but it's nice to play them ever 5-6 months. 3D Mario games like Mario 64 or the galaxy games are games I complete once a year.

OK so I'm glad that the Music is complete but The quality is kinda weird. The pitch is perfect. The beat is perfect. The tempo is perfect. But there is something a little weird about it.Kinda a little echo-y I guess.P.S. I downloaded all of them. :) Thx for the free music.


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