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Gregory Avdeev
Gregory Avdeev

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This study aimed to analyze the relationship between headache and sleep in pediatric migraine. We evaluated differences in migraine frequency and intensity, presence of migraine equivalents, use of attack and prophylactic medications in subjects with and without sleep disorders based on the results of standardized sleep assessment questionnaires. The parents of 140 children and adolescents with migraine completed the Children's Sleep Habits Questionnaire (CSHQ) and the Epworth Sleepiness Scale for Children and Adolescents (ESS-CHAD) and answered questions about headache characteristics in their children. The CSHQ revealed a sleep disturbance in 72.9% of subjects, but only 5.0% had already received a diagnosis of sleep disorder. We found statistically significant higher headache frequency (p=0.002) and prevalence of migraine equivalents (p=0.007) in patients with sleep disorders. A higher CSHQ total score was associated with higher severe attacks frequency (p=0.012) and lower acute drug efficacy (p=0.003). Significant positive correlations of sleep onset delay, sleep duration and nightwakings subscales with migraine frequency emerged. Our findings indicate that sleep disorders are highly prevalent in pediatric migraine and frequently associated with a higher headache severity, but remain underdiagnosed in many cases. Given the relationship between sleep and migraine characteristics, improving sleep quality could help to reduce migraine intensity and disability and vice versa.

Martindale The Complete Drug Reference 38 Edition.rar

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Methods: Women attending the weekly menopause outpatient clinic from October 2019 were asked to complete a simple questionnaire regarding headache and disability. The questionnaire included validated questionnaires to diagnose migraine (ID-migraine to diagnose migraine without aura, and the Visual Rating Scale (VARS) to diagnose migraine aura. HIT-6 was used to assess headache related disability. Patients were also asked to record drugs used for acute treatment.


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