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1. One Piece Episode: 1053 WORK

One Piece Episode 1053 is set to begin airing on local Japanese networks at 9:30 am JST on Sunday, February 26, 2023. For a minority of international fans, this translates to a Saturday night local release window. Most international fans, like Japanese viewers, will instead see the episode become available Sunday morning locally. The exact time of release varies by region and timezone.

1. One Piece Episode: 1053

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One Piece Episode 1053 aired on February 26, 2023, after which the anime went on a small break. Since then, the fans have been waiting for the release of the next episode. One Piece Episode 1053 was titled, "Sanji's Mutation - The Two Arms in Crisis!." At the beginning of the episode, the focus was on Momonosuke, who was trying to create flame clouds to prevent Onigashima from falling on the Flower Capital. However, the clouds that he created were not sustainable, and they disintegrated after a while. Yamato decided to head toward the weapon storage in the castle in case Momonosuke was unsuccessful in his bid to create the flame clouds.

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While some people go to the toilet, Ayumi sees a chicken wandering around. She plans to tell Conan, but he is talking to Amuro, so she decides to quietly chase the chicken. When everybody gathers again, they realize that Ayumi is missing. They later divides into two groups; Kobayashi with Conan, Mitsuhiko, and Amuro, while Wakasa go with Haibara and Genta. When the others start searching, Amuro finds a bishop shogi piece on the ground, which he feels he has seen it before.

Meanwhile, Amuro examines the shogi piece he found. When Kazami metions about Shukichi defended his title, Amuro realized that the shogi piece is the lost Kohji Haneda's shogi piece, and he wonders if the killer of Kohji is at the ranch. 041b061a72


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