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Amsterdam Gifts To Buy !FREE!

When I asked my Souvenir Finder Facebook group what souvenirs and gifts to pick up in Amsterdam (join our group here), the most popular response was stroopwafels. What exactly is this Dutch delicacy?

amsterdam gifts to buy

Bringing home souvenirs and gifts for children can be tough if you are looking for something unique. We happened to come across the perfect Dutch gift for children while strolling around the lovely Jordaan Neighborhood.

Need custom printed corporate gifts to hand out to your employees, customers, or potential clients? Amsterdam Printing has a wide selection of gifts that you can personalize with your brand's logo and/or message! From luxurious products for their home, to simple, yet beautiful personalized pen gift sets, we offer a variety to suit any budget or need.

The Albert Cuyp market is actually the biggest market in Europe! It is definitely one of the most popular and cosmopolitan markets of the city, a bit more exclusive because it is full of bars and restaurants, but no less charming. It has everything: food, spirits, clothes, gifts. Address: Albert Cuypstraat, 1073 BD Amsterdam

Stroopwafels are best gifts from Netherlands, best souvenirs from Netherlands for those who love to eat sweets. Stroopwafels are often served with syrup or honey. This is definitely one of the attractive foods that you must try when visiting the Netherlands. You can buy this cake at food stores, bakeries or roadside eateries along the markets in the Netherlands. In addition, you can also buy this waffle at souvenir shops and at the airport.

No matter where you go to any shopping mall, market or supermarket everywhere in the Netherlands, you will come across a lot of keychains with strange and unique shapes and always have keychains with the symbols of the Netherlands. Unique, strange and beautiful keychains with beautiful and funny shapes you can buy as gifts for friends and relatives or you can also collect a whole set of these keychains only for you.

Before going home, buy some popular Dutch snacks to enjoy as you travel or bring them home as special gifts. Friends and family are always excited and intrigued to taste something from a foreign land that is not sold back home.

Also, visit Cracked Kettle, a charming one-stop-shop beer and wine shop located in a 400-year old monument building. They have over 1,200 beers and unique gifts that would make for an interesting souvenir from Amsterdam.

The I amsterdam Store is a store for both visitors and Amsterdammers, with the best Amsterdam products, souvenirs, books and entrance tickets to museums and events. It is more than just a store: the I amsterdam Store is also an information point where you can find out everything about the events in Amsterdam.

The store is decorated according to different themes: 'Best of Amsterdam' with local products, books about the city and gifts, 'Made in Amsterdam' with local delicacies such as the beloved Tony's Chocolonely chocolate. Also check out 'Blockbusters' if you're looking for information or tickets for major events, such as the latest exhibitions.

I know the airport (after security) has stroopwafel gifts which offers 10 euros for 3 boxes but I am planning to buy around 20 boxes to share with my colleagues and buying at the airport wouldn't allow me to take all of that on the plane.

Situated in the middle of Amsterdam, past long, cobblestoned streets and winding canals, at the picturesque point where the bridges of the Leidsegracht and Keizersgracht meet, The Gisou Gift Shop was the ultimate holiday meeting point for young and old. The holiday pop-up store was open to the public on December 12-15, 2019 offering the complete Gisou haircare range as well as exclusive, limited edition holiday gifts for purchase.

In addition to the complete range of Gisou haircare products, the Gisou team created a selection of limited edition gifts, exclusively for The Gisou Gift Shop. The star of the pop-up and ultimate holiday gift: The Gisou Turbo Dryer - a limited edition, ionic & fast-drying Gisou Hairdryer, exclusively available at The Gisou Gift Shop.

Henri Willig's cheese stores in Amsterdam, Delft and Edam offer an exclusive range of Henri Willig cheese products. These farm stores also sell aged cheeses from our own cheese making plants, delicacies and wine as well as gifts and kitchen utensils, such as cheese graters, cheese boards and fondue sets. 041b061a72


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