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Gregory Avdeev
Gregory Avdeev

[S1E18] Po Fans Out

According to comments made by Executive Producer Brannon Braga in discussions with fans at, Berman's original idea for the series was to have the entire first season set on Earth as Humanity's first-ever warp starship was constructed. This was soon decided to be too far removed from the style of the franchise as a whole, and so the premise was redrafted.

[S1E18] Po Fans Out

Hello Star Trek fans! Welcome to Star Trek Prodigy Season 1 Episode 18: Mindwalk. In this episode, Dal and Vice Admiral Janeway have a Freaky Friday experience. You are not prepared for the finger guns or the reference to Threshold, the most infamous of all Voyager episodes. This is must-see television.

Lilac Links was released as a toy in the seventh wave of blind bags, as a "Crystal-Shine Mystery Pony", in January 2013. She was called "Link Pink" in the production of her toy, which was how fans had called her before she was officially named. 041b061a72


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