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Where Can I Buy Better Than Sex Mascara ^HOT^

From the shop floor:"Apply the mascara at the roots first before pulling the wand through the length of the lashes, as the most product is deposited where you first lay the brush." - Sally, Senior Artist.

where can i buy better than sex mascara

This set includes full-size tubes of Better Than Sex Mascara and Damn Girl Mascaras. These mascaras usually retail for $28-$29 per tube, which makes this such a killer deal as you get TWO for less than the price of one!

A mascara that's so amazing that it's better than sex?! Well, that's for you to decide, but the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is a top-selling product with a loyal following. If you want fuller-looking lashes that are stretched, curled, and separated, this one is worth checking out. Many people consider this to be their holy grail mascara, thanks to its enduring formula and unique hourglass-shaped application brush. This one is great for both your upper and lower lashes.

A shopper said, "I have purchased more mascara than I care to talk about, but this is the best stuff I have EVER used, and believe me, I have tried hundreds! This brand does not get clumpy, is very juicy, does not put black under my eyes after 2 hours and does not make my eyes itch, which is my biggest problem. I wear this every day and I'm still using the first one."

To narrow down the three best dupes for Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara, I took to Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, and my own beauty editor friends to find out the most commonly recommended alternatives. Again and again, the same three tubes came up. And though a single tube of Better Than Sex will run you about $25, all of the dupes on this list cost less than $10, but work similarly (if not just as well).

The appearance of these mascaras side by side are practically indistinguishable. They both perform almost identically and deliver a ton of drama. I do feel that the Lash Paradise mascara is a bit lighter of a formula, as it holds my curl better while Better Than Sex causes my lashes to slightly droop throughout the day.

As non-drying as it is lightweight, Too Faced Better than Sex mascara ticks all of the baseline boxes for the best oil-free mascaras (making it particularly suitable for sensitive eyes) The slippery consistency means that lashes are smoothly coated without catching or flaking, and despite bringing heaps of drama and volume to the table, the mascara can be layered without any pesky clumps trying to edge their way in.

Damn Girl mascara has the same hourglass shaped bristle wand but thicker and uses a thicker blacker formula than Better Than Sex. It uses a creamy mousse formula with a special blend of whipped melting waxes to give extreme volume without a heavy feel. It uses innovative polymers to keep lashes flexible while lifting, lengthening, and locking in Long lasting smudge and flake resistant curl.

When I went to the Glamour Beauty festival I was talking to one of the ladies on the Too Faced counter who described the difference between the two mascaras as: (Lauren, if you happen to be reading this, thank you for this wonderful quote!)

Comparing the above, for BTS, while applying, it is less messy and I get less transfer on the eyelids, getting curl seems easier, the brush separates the lashes better, there is a bit less thickness to the lashes, length of the eyelashes is similar, but less of a dramatic look overall. Using BTS, since the formula is less wet and thick than DG, I am able to get more separation and less clumping on the lashes. Three coats of BTS is similar to two coats of DG. While both mascara applications end up looking pretty similar up close, BTS might be better suited to a daytime look and DG for a night out, as DG looks more dramatic (particularly from further away). The lashes with DG have more flexibility than BTS. I wonder how the DG formula would look applied with the BTS brush.

"Extreme lash" is right. Hourglass's mascara plumped my lashes to the max while lifting and defining 'em at the same time, thanks to the 4DAmplifier brush, which is essentially two brushes in one. It worked magic in one swoop and lasted me for an entire Friday night out.

In conclusion: Better than Sex Waterproof not only upheld my adoration for this mascara franchise and helped me reconsider my thoughts about waterproof makeup, but now gives me the option to cry basically smudgeproof whenever I want. #Blessed.

I bought this a while ago because everyone was talking about, but found it clumpy and quick to smudge. I liked the brush shape and I think there was potential for this to be an amazing mascara, but it takes too much effort to apply it nicely (you have to brush out your lashes or be really careful with application to avoid clumps). It also smudges a lot faster than any other mascara I've tried.I'd definitely consider it more of a volumising mascara than lengthening, although this was probably because of the way it applies. There are a lot better mascaras at this price point and under so I'd recommend trying something other than this.

While the formula of this mascara is good and definitely gives me length and definition and lasts well, the brush is tricky if you don't have a lot initially to work with and can clump easily. For lashes like mine, a small slim brush such as Benefits They're Real is much better. 041b061a72


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