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Where Can I Buy Plants

The popularity of growing both indoor and outdoor plants exploded during the pandemic, with no signs of homeowners slowing down in their pursuit of the most beautiful plants for their homes and outdoor spaces.

where can i buy plants


The best places to buy plants include well-known mass-market stores that do a great job of finding foliage that's great quality right through to lesser-known nurseries that sell online. This is our top pick.

If you like your plants arriving already pre-planted in gorgeous and quirky planters, then this is the place. Some of the planters are really special-looking (the gold elephant has to be our favorite), and the plant selection is thoughtful, with air plants and orchids available. That the company also does flower delivery is a bonus.

If you want to order your flower arrangements and your indoor plants from the same place, this is a great company. The plant selection is somewhat limited, but features all the favorites, from peace lilies to money plants. The plants come in cute, giftable planters.

Plant novice? Lowes helps you find the plants that are best suited to your soil type, garden aspect, and has several other sections we find especially helpful. Pet owners can select pet-friendly houseplants, while those living in rural areas can buy deer-resistant plants.

Look for plant sources from your Ecological Classification (ECS) subsection. ECS subsections are defined by glacial landforming processes, bedrock formations, local climate, topography, and the distribution of plants.

Natty Garden is a black-owned nursery and has been providing Brooklyn plant lovers with beautiful flora and fauna since 2008. The staff members are laidback but knowledgable, the vibe is nonjudgemental, and both shops perfectly reflect the diversity of their surrounding neighborhoods. In addition to selling house plants, they sell outdoor plants, soil, mulch, fertilizer, and planters, while also offer landscaping services to those of us with backyards and bigger budgets.

The shop is cash only and is also a great place to pick up both houseplants and houseplant pots when in the French capital! Find more details about how to visit here. Please note that, as of 2022, the shop is permanently closed.

Though not so much of a specialist houseplant shop, per se, on account of the fact that they also sell a number of pet supplies and outdoor gardening goods, Garden Truffaut still remains one of the best places to purchase plants in Paris.

Set in an enormous warehouse, the gardening store is open every day of the week and sells more unique products, such as carnivorous houseplants. There are now several Truffaut locations scattered across the French capital. Find out more details for visiting here.

We started to provide small businesses across the Eastern USA high quality house plants at affordable prices. Leveraging our current greenhouse infrastructure we sell and ship house plants for wholesale, dropshipping, and corporate customers.

"Had a little issues with some plants that were stressed from shipping, etc! But, everything was taken care of and the communication has been great from the time I placed my order!" - Katelyn "Dauntless Roots Plant Co."

Some plants were damaged in shipping but seller refunded all damages and made note to use different carrier next time. Plants are healthy looking and good size for the pot size. We have been working closely with them for several weeks now and they have great customer service and a quick response time. Will do business with them again! Already made a second order. - Devon "The Houseplant Store"

Chandler is very responsive & helpful. Always has suggestions for replacements. Both of my orders came quickly and were packaged well and arrived in great shape. I also love their selection. Its very hard to find some of the plants that I am able to purchase from them. - Heather "The Coop"

Looking for bargain blooms? Look no further than Walmart. After all, where else can you snag a philodendron for only $10? The online retailer has a wide variety, like air plants, succulents and even houseplant bundles, which feature a selection of houseplants with similar light and watering needs.

We focus on beauty with environmental benefits. Garden in the Woods and the Garden Shop are closed until April--see our opening dates on the right. Although we are closed, our 2023 Native Plants Price List is posted in two formats, below. You can pre-order plants for pick-up at Garden in the Woods or Nasami Farm when we reopen in April. Meanwhile, you can plan your garden anytime with our lists of plants and prices, as well as the Garden Plant Finder. For ordering instructions, see How to Order Plants and Other FAQs in the box below. You can also browse below to see our curated plant collections and kits for particular purposes and conditions.

Many, but not all, of our plants start from seed that our staff and volunteers harvest sustainably in the wild throughout the region. All the plants we sell are grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, so they will delight your eye and support the birds and bees that keep the rest of life humming.

For color-illustrated handbooks with full descriptions of stunning native garden plants, you can buy either or both of our books, The Northeast Native Plant Primer: 235 Plants for an Earth-Friendly Garden or Native Plants for New England Gardens online on the Garden books by our Experts page.

A: We try to find cultivars that are closest to the species or have some other important attribute, such as fertile flowers. Some cultivars are actually species plants, but they carry a cultivar name from the grower for marketing purposes.

A: Yes. We'll mail it to you or the recipient. To order, call the Garden Shop at Garden in the Woods: 774-301-8465. Gift cards may be redeemed for merchandise and plants at Garden in the Woods and Nasami Farm.

Native pollinators need native plants for food and habitat. And native plants need native pollinators to reproduce. But the populations of bees, butterflies, bats, and birds that pollinate all plants are plummeting, and the native-plant habitats they depend on are vanishing. You can help. With this carefully selected mix of native pollinator plants, you can transform your home landscape into a native-plant pollinator oasis that buzzes with life!

Each kit consists of 50 plug-sized plants (see table below) selected to produce both a cascade of bloom throughout the season and habitat for particular pollinators at all stages of their life cycles. Contained in 5-inch deep plug cells, these plants should mature to fill a space approximately 75 square feet or larger, depending on what is growing there already and the desired planting density.

Please follow our instructions about how to prepare the site and care for the plants as they get established in the ground. After you place an order, we will send you instructions on how to prepare the soil, so it will be ready planting when you receive your kits.

All collections consist of eight plants (1 of each species) and will be available for pick up at Garden in the Woods or Nasami Farm. Herbaceous plants are in 2-quart or 1-gallon containers. (Exception: Some plants in the Spring Ephemerals Collection come in 3-inch pots.)

When the spring ephemerals have passed, the plants in this collection take the spotlight, ensuring that your garden looks top-notch during backyard barbeque season. These plants will be in or approaching full bloom June through September.

Tired of looking at that barren strip between the sidewalk and the road? How about filling it with natives? This collection includes some of the most drought-, salt-, and compaction-tolerant plants the native flora has to offer. From Asclepias to Pycnanthemum, these plants will make sure your roadside looks better than your neighbors'.

This collection of salt-tolerant, pollinator-loving natives will fill the bill for those with houses on the Cape and elsewhere near the shore. Combines well with the Roadside Collection for a super group of plants that thrive in harsh, sandy conditions.Anticipated speciesMorella caroliniensis (small bayberry)Clethra alnifolia (summersweet)Asclepias tuberosa (butterfly milkweed )Eupatorium perfoliatum (boneset)Panicum virgatum (switchgrass)Symphyotrichum novae-angliae (New England aster, late bloom)Aquilegia canadensis (columbine)Allium cernuum (nodding onion)

The benefits of having houseplants go beyond aesthetics (although we love the lush, green look too) and include removing toxins from the air and even improving mental health. After surviving a Buffalo winter, we could all use the boost. #plantlady #plantmom

From a vast array of succulents to clever Instagram captions, Badding Bros has a diverse selection of tropical plants for your decor needs. They also have a cute cat and some bunnies, which never hurts.

Brand new to the area, Life is Succulent sells indoor plants, garden accessories, jewelry, bath and body, gifts, and more. They also are starting to do workshops in which you can create your own succulent vertical garden!

Hi- Way Garden Center is a seasonal garden store open from the Spring to the Early Fall. They have plants ranging from big to small and everything in between. With so many options to choose from, you are bound to leave with more plants than you could ever imagine.

Piedmont Farm and Garden Supply7043 Howard Street, Spartanburg 864.583.1494One year my son and I planted a purple garden! We found purple carrots, potatoes, peppers, lettuce and more at our favorite nursery. They have rows and rows of pepper plants, tomato plants and more. I have found that my kids are more likely to eat more of the unique colored versions of stuff they already like. Themes are fun, but you could just go and have fun picking an assortment of plants. 041b061a72


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