It has been a hell of a winter... 

And we would love to challenge you, to "Spring into Summer" 

We want to challenge you, for 30 days, to put yourself at the top of the "to do list"! 

We challenge you to, 30 days in a row of either nourishing your body, moving your body or treating our soul. 

Jenna Salvaterra

Owner & Lead Trainer - Belle Movement

Jenna will give you the tools to move your body and treating the soul! 

Pilates classes 3 x per week 

Little to no equipment required 

30 mintues 

Combo of stretchy, sweaty and burny goodness. 

Jo Whitehead 
Owner Jo Kate Nutrition

Jo is a clinical nutritionist with a passion for women's health and giving women the tools to lead a nourished life! 

Jo has built the most amazing spring into summer meal plan, as well as some amazing content on nutrition and women's health. 

Her meal plans are simple, nourishing and family friendly! 


Challenge Hub


Challenge Check In

Both Jenna and Jo are Mum's and business owners.


Our days look just like yours!  Pick ups, drop offs, lunch boxes, bedtimes, tantrums, loving cuddles, sleepless nights, ballet, swimming lessons, squeezing some work in there, and somewhere in there, attempt to care for themselves. 

And to be fair - that last point, often drops off of the list. 

Which is exactly why they built this challenge!

To encourage busy women to give themselves 30 days, to prioritize self care. 


And self care is NOT smashing yourself each day. 


Self care is NOT prepping chicken and broccoli every day for 30 days. 


Self care is NOT attempting to squish mire S*%T into your already outrageously busy days.