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Wednesday to Wednesday Availability 02/03 - 08/03

Holy moly. The world is heavy right now and outrageouly damp.

So 45 minutes of time out is exactly what the Dr Ordered. Lift the spirits a little.

So here is a sausage dog in a raincoat, who I hope will make you smile and give you a little bit of spark to join us for some Belle Goodness.

Wednesday 23/02/2022

6:15am Cruise - Available (for the first time in 5 weeks!!)

7:15am Boxing - Waitlist

9:30am Fusion (creche) - Waitlist

10:30am Cruise (creche) - Only 1 space left!

12:30pm Sweat - (creche) Available

7:15pm Belle Mat - Available

(and I if you've never tried a mat class before - GIVE THIS A GO. It will be a game-changer for you)

Thursday 24/02/2022

6:15am Sweat - Available (my pick of the week, Sweat with Emma is not to be missed!)

7:15am Fusion - Available

9:30am Cruise - Only 1 space left

5:45pm Cruise - Available Perfect for beginners!

6:45pm Sweat - Available

Friday 25/02/2022

6:00am Cruise - Available - Only 1 space left

6:45am - Fusion - Available

7:45am Cruise - Available (for the first time in weeks! Jump on it!)

9:30am Cruise - Availble

Saturday 26/02/2022

6:15am Fusion - Available

7:30am Cruise - Available

Monday 28/02/2022

6:15am - Sweat - Available

7:15am - Cruise - Available

9:30am Cruise - Available (1 space only)

10:30am Cruise - Available

5:45pm Cruise - Available (Be quick)

6:45pm Sweat - Available

Tuesday 01/03/2022

6:15am Fusion - Waitlist only

7:15am Sweat - Available

9:30am Cruise - (creche) Available

10:30am Boxing - (creche) Available

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