Meet The Belle Team!

So now you have all become well acquainted with our new studio space, which we hope you love as much as we do, we thought that it's time to introduce our Belle Team. Over the coming weeks you will get to know each one of our trainers through our Pilates Profile...

MEET BEC! Bec is our Mat Master here at the Studio. In Bec's classes you'll see how she has a creative spin on traditional exercises. She loves to pick one prop in a session and stay with it! You will definitely feel the burn (good burn of course) in one of Bec's classes.

Nickname: Bec

Go to Coffee order/drink order: Skimmed Mocha

Favourite Belle Class to teach and to participate in: love a mat class

Favourite thing to do (apart from being at Belle of course): Going to Killcare beach it’s beautiful and makes you instantly relax.

Something interesting about you that our Members wouldn’t know: I’ve skydived over Lake Taupo in New Zealand.

Favourite Podcast to listen to: Evil Genius, a group of people discuss a person e.g Coco Channel and decide if they were evil or genius.

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