Overcoming Self limiting beliefs with

Emotional Well-Being Coach Ami Rankin. 

Have you ever really had the chance to dig down and think about why you make the decisions that you do?

Have you ever stopped to think about why you believe what you?

Well this is a chat for you!

Ami Rankin – Emotional Wellbeing Coach and I sat down to talk about how our beliefs can limit us at times and how to overcome that barrier.

We talk about it in the context of Belle Running – however, this stuff applies to our day to day lives.

I am going to give you a little summary here…

Using running as the most obvious example for the moment, but where the word “running” occurs, insert the “thing”. Maybe it is learning to surf? Maybe it is starting pilates? Maybe it is launching a business? You catch my drift!?


Why is it that you think you can’t run?


Is it that you believe that you aren’t very good?


Is it that you believe that it is really hard?


Is it that you believe that you will be embarrassed?


Is it that you believe that you will fail if you try?


Is it that you believe running is your weakness?


Now – I want you to think hard about WHY do you believe those things? Where has this story come from?


Ami goes through some strategies on how to overcome these self limiting beliefs in all facets of your life.

Side note – this is just the tip of the iceberg! We will be diving deeeeep into this in Belle Running this year. Ami will be joining us for the Belle Running workshop and will be also a big part of our Run Club as it progresses from May through to July.