Mini Challenge

So life is busy - Time is a commodity that is in short supply. 

And the thing about that is... It isn't going to change!

So what we need to do, is manage our priorities a little better. 

So, here is the "mini challenge" - today we want you to try and find just 10 minutes, to do a little pilates class! 

That's all! 10 little minutes!


Here is where it gets fun... 

Show us that you've done it! Show us, that you have given yourself just 10 minutes to do something just for you! 

Tag @belle_movement & @jokate_nutrition in your Instagram stories, when you've done your 10 minutes - to go in the draw to win a Belle Pilates pack! 

You will find two classes here... 

Option A a reaaalll ab burner


Option B one that is safe and suitable for those of you who have recently had a baby or are just starting to build a little bit of abdominal strength! 

Option A 

Option B


And we can't wait to see you moving!!


"Thank you Jenna and Jo! 

The Winter Challenge was so refreshing! 

The Food, the workouts, the content - All of it was just what I needed!"

- Bec, Winter Challenge- 


"I've never been into mindfullness..

But I loved these exercises! Such a nice way to re-think how I tackle my week" 

- Sam, Winter Challenge - 


— Name, Title

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