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Gregory Avdeev
Gregory Avdeev

Silver Dream 106

Dream Catchers capture the bad dreams in their intricate web, letting only the good dreams to pass down through the feathers. Protection. Serenity. A belief that in many cultures still has a strong tradition.

Silver Dream 106

American 22-year-old Katherine Nye delivered the best performance for a U.S. weightlifter at the Olympics in over two decades Sunday, winning a silver medal in the women's 76 kg/156 lbs category at the Tokyo Games.

For her final snatch attempt, Nye successfully raised a personal best 114 kg (251 lbs) in what appeared to be a dream start to the competition. Nye was visibly thrilled and threw her arms in the air in celebration immediately after being awarded the lift.

There are plenty of cool 106s and Saxos dotted about. You're right. Here's my Saxo that was put together back in 2007 and featured on Fast Car Magazine's cover. It was a VTR that was painted a custom Porsche Herb Brown and featured a Plush Automotive interior in butterscotch. I sourced a non-sunroof skin to replace the unsightly sunshine roof bulge that, in my opinion, ruined the lines of the car. Back then Schmidt TH-lines had been a dream wheel for quite a few years and I got a set of 14x8 and 14x9s shipped over from Germany. Removed al the windscreen wipers and Rain-X was life. Absolutely loved every minute of that car! Definitely ready to add a French hatchback to my 'SH Garage' asap.

"What would your dream wallet-friendly build be?"Already built half of it. 1996 Crown Vic Police Interceptor with a manual transmission swap. Had it two years when some weird electrical failure killed it before I could put the Triton V10 into it.Up till then, I had about four grand in it, including purchase.

My dream project build would be swapping an N/A RB25 into a 1980 Datsun 280Z without touching the exterior of the car. It'd be mainly used for freestyle drifting. If you want to know what I mean type تقحيص زد بالكويت on YouTube and see how much fun people are having with simple and cheap builds.

My low-budget first car dream is to own a MK3 VW Cabrio. It would be a combination of race spec but comfort too (daily driver comfort) so I want some coilovers, upgraded transmission, shifting and steering (it's a slow car, so I think suspenssion and handling it's more important). I'd keep it N/A with the basic engine mods. It would have an electric soft top conversion and really nice interior upgrades. My goal with that car is to cruise the "Espinazo del Diablo" which is one of the most dangerous but beautiful mountain roads here in Mexico. Wish me luck!

Nice Report Ben, well done! This kind of Cars are great fun in small, tight corners. 100HP to 140HP sounds low, but that's enough and it's a quite good Technical training, to take out the drive from a Corner. My "low-budget-dream-built" would be a 1993 Mitsubishi Colt 16V (C58A). I only would make it lighter by stripping down the interior, putting in a bucket seat and a snap-off OMP wheel.

Now this is something. In Portugal this swap is done ALOT, even it being ilegal.For me it makes this the perfect pocket rocket, light, fast, pretty and nimble.But i would do something different, as my dream budget build is, one of this 3:- Toyota Starlet KP60 with the 4age engine;- Opel 1204 (Kadett) with the c20xe engine;- Volvo 340 with the 400, 700 or 900 series turbo engine;Or even on a tighter budget:- 106/ax with the 16v engine (exactly like this one)- ef civic or rover 216 coupe with a b16

Im glad you took interest in. Paint is done at friends garage(not booth), I have found bodykit thru years,wich is optional RS with cossie bumper wich is not on the car right now,I have put seats from Audi RS6 wich I have learned later, Killen springs,Powerflex bushes,my friend has done gagues and switchboard, just this morning I have put JapanRacing JR12 wheels. Plan for the future is Bilstin B8 shocks or Gaz silver coilovers (cant decide yet) and then finaly Volvo T5 engine.

That's absolutely brilliant. The R5 GT Turbo was my dream car when I was a kid. I wanted a Tungsten Grey model which I was hoping to lower over 15-inch TSW Stealth wheels. Alas, the dream was never realised. One day maybe!

More of these kind of articles, please! These grassroots fun builds are the stuff I can relate to. As for your question at the end, 'What would your dream wallet-friendly build be?' - I'm currently building a '90 Mk2 Golf. I sourced a complete 1980s Zender Z6 bodykit, 7 and 8 x 15 ATS Cup wheels and tomorrow I'm going to pick up a donor car (Mk3 Golf with the 2.0 8v 2e). Will be a affordable, fun build. Not very fast, but enough to put a smile on my face and best of all it will be a piece of history as it will look like it drove straight out of the pages of a tuning cataloge from the late 80ies.

Cool little car! My first track car was a 306 XSi, very capable on track despite low power. My dream and current low cost build is Mk3 MR2 with 2zz engine, same sort of cost as this nice little pug, but mid engine 190bhp and still

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Pacific Chunky is a brilliant superwash merino and acrylic blend that knits like a dream! This chunky version of our Pacific yarn line is designed for all of your chunky projects! With a vast range of wonderful colors, Pacific Chunky is as vibrant and varied as ever, with some neutrals and pastels thrown in for good measure.


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