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ComPort For Android USB 2.6 XE6-D10.2

a few months ago i was asked to develop a dashboard for android which could display electricity network data in a workshop. the main problem was that the device that collects the data stands alone and must be connected to an android device via a serial port. in this article, i will explore the possibility using a com port in applications for an android os.

ComPort for Android USB 2.6 XE6-D10.2

the library is designed to be linked to your android app directly, without needing to write any additional code. the underlying android code is separate from the usbserial project. the library has one public api and one internal implementation class.

if your android device is already running an application that implements the usbhost api then you can add a usbserial library to your project and use the api to communicate with that application directly. if not, the usbserial library provides a set of classes that you can use to implement your own usbhost api.

although you need to have an android application installed on your device to use usbserial, the usbserial library is intended to be used to connect any serial device to your device. it is not designed to communicate with a specific application.

you will be able to access the usbserial library from your android application using the usbserial class. you can use the usbserial class to send and receive data from your android application. the usbserial class supports ascii, binary and ebcdic character sets and provides all the necessary functionality to send and receive data to a usb-to-serial device.


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