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Belle "beautiful" Zoom 

Bring the Belle vibe to your home studio with weekly LIVE classes. 

No equipment. 

Some accountabilty. 

All of the endorphins. 

Tonnes of Belle Goodness!

Monday, 7:15pm with Emma 

Wednesday, 12:15pm with Jess 

Friday 6:30am with Jenna

Hybrid class.


Suitable for all levels.


*pre and postnatal clients, clients with injuries please reach out first for adivce. 

How does it work?

Step 1) Follow the book now prompts below. 

Step 2) Choose you class and time.

Step 3) You will recieve an email with the meeting link. 

Step 4) We send you a reminder.

Step 5) Enjoy the endorphin hit.

"Belle" Zoom

  • Tue

    45 min

    12 Australian dollars