Belle Live 
Belle LIVE 

Our Virtual Studio – with all of the things that we love about Belle.


The moving, of course, but the conceitedness , the community, the fun!


20 Live classes per week.


All delivered via Zoom link to you!

What classes are available?


We have a biiiiggg range of classes, you can check them out.


We have options for all of you though!


Smooth flowing pilates.


Stretchy release pilates.


Sweaty pilates.


And a circuit option as well!


So how does it work?


It is super simple!


All you need to do is check the time table and book your class.  


You will receive a link via email 30 minutes prior to your class commencing.


Click the link and you will see our smiling faces!


Technology is not my friend... Will I be able to do it?


Yes! Absolutely. The software is pretty smooth and simple. Just follow the prompts, and you will be fine!


Do I need to show my face on the video?


No, you don't have to, but we would looooveee it if you did. There are two reasons for this...


1 - When you are set up, we can have a look at your technique and be sure that you are doing the exercises correctly.


2 - It adds to the community feel when we are all on the screen! You can interact with us and the rest of the class!

What will I need?


Mostly just yourself and mat and some water! However from time to time, we will use some props and we have a full list of props and awesome alternatives that you can use listed on our "Home Pilates Kit List" 


How much does it cost?

We have tried to make this as accessible as possible and have several pricing options that will suit all budgets!

You can book in class by class 

$12 Per Casual Class/ $50 for a pack of 5/ $90 for a pack of 10 




You can become a Belle LIVE member!

$22 Per Week - Unlimited Classes!