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Winter Challenge  


What is it all about?

Let’s be honest, winter is tough on the soul. And we want to re-ignite a little spark, to make this middle part of the year, something that you look back on, as a time where you invested in yourself!

How does this sound?

1 month of meal plans – designed with busy families in mind

Short, snappy, stretchy and sweaty pilates classes you can do from home with little to no equipment. ( Like to call it fitness for the soul!)

Soul nourishing activities – drawn from some of Australia’s most incredible women.

Inspiring “listen’s”, “watches” and “read’s”.

Supportive community to share your experiences along the way.

Awesome prizes and deals with some of our favourite brands.

At the end of this challenge we hope... 


You feel stronger.

You feel more energised.

You feel empowered to lean your life towards the things that light you up and nourish our soul.



The challenge has a lot to do with exercise and food, yes. But really, what we are challenging you to do, is find a way to prioritise yourself, prioritise your health and feel the benefits!


We are Mum’s. We are business owners. We live the chaos everyday! We understand that balance isn’t always something that is achievable. Life is bloody busy!


But what we hope, is for the next month you can lean in to you.

Cooking Eggs
The Details
Start Date

Monday July 6th 

Finish Date

Sunday 2nd of August

How Much 

Early Birds (signed up prior to June 21st) $85  

Post June 21st  Sign Up $100

And what does that $100 cover? 

4 weeks worth of Meal Plans and Recopies designed by Jo - Clinical Nutritionist. 

Pilates classes - specific for the challenge, delivered to you 3 times per week.

Access to "Belle Here and Now".


4 x Soul Nourishing workbooks, delivered weekly. 

Recommendations of soul nourishing "listens", "reads" and "watches", each week.

Discounts on physical visits the studio (for those local to the central coast).

Discounts on 1:1 zoom sessions (for those a little bit further away).

Access to our private facebook community, where Jo and Jenna will be available to answer any questions you may have. 

Special offers and prizes from some of our absolute fave brands. 

And many other bonuses a long the way! 

Jo x.jpg

Meet Jo: 

Mum of 3, owner of Jo Kate Nutrition. Jo is a certified Nutritionist. She is passionate about people finding their ‘zone’ when it comes to living a healthy life and having adequate energy and motivation to get the most out of life. Her aim is to help people find what works for them without having to follow fads or diets. Jo is guiding us through the nutrition portion of this challenge.

Jen x .jpg

Meet Jenna:

Mum of 2, owner of Belle Movement. With a background in elite sport, teaching, exercise science and pilates. Jenna has been an elite athlete, a wanna be runner, a new mum putting the body back together (twice), a toddler chaser, a baby swayer, a circuit doer, a sweat seeker and all that falls in between. One thing that flows through all of this is how happy and whole she feels when she is moving. Jenna will guide you through the exercise and soul nourishing portion of the challenge!

Have some questions?


Reach out! We'd love to hear from you.   

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