The Studio

As lock down restrictions ease, we are getting ready to re-open!

We are getting a new home - ready for the COVID-19 Restrictions to lift and for our group classes to resume. We are hard core renovating what I think, will be an amazing new studio!  

We need the tradie stars to align so that we are ready for a July 1 (ish) opening. 

Pop you details in the form below to keep up to-date on all things re-open AND for our re-opening deals (which, you definitely will not want to miss!)

In the mean time... We have have private classes available from the 15th

If you need your reformer fix right this second, perhaps a private class is what you need?

It is the perfect way to dust off the cobwebs before we open the doors!  

We have a few time slots available and have some fab deals of packs of private classes. 

In the lead up to the big opening of the new studio, we will have 1:1 and 1:2 private class availability.

To check out what is available and to book your reformer fix hit the button below! It will take you straight to the bookings page!

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