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Belle Studio 

Joy through moving. 
That's what we do! 
We use pilates principles and equipment to make moving a joyful experience! 
Fusion (Circuit Style Classes) 
Strength & Conditioning 
Private Classes 
Pre/ Postnatal 

Our schedule and bookings are all managed on the MindBody Platform, 

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The Summer Schedule is LIVE!

November 1 is the date to remember! Our full schedule is back - Group Reformer (8 spots per class!!), Fusion, Boxing, Pre and post Natal, Mat, Running - YOU NAME IT! 

Group Classes 

We host a range of pilates, strength and conditioning classes in our space to accommodate all body types! 

We have 8 Reformers in our group reformer studio and we are so excited to share them with you. 

Belle Offers:

Group Reformer 

Pilates Circuits 


Pre/Post Natal Classes 

Sport Specific Classes. 


After more info? 

Thank you! We will be in touch soon!

Outdoor Classes

We loved our outdoor classes so much, that we are keeping a few! 

Belle Boxing

Belle Fusion

*participants in Mini Group Outdoor Session are required to have both covid 19 vaccinations. 


Group Classes 

Reformer Cruise: Our smooth moving, flowy reformer class. Perfect for beginners or experienced clients looking to give those little muscles some love.*

Reformer Sweat: Our intermediate/ advanced Reformer Class. As the title implies - this one is about raising the heat a little. You can expect to feel the burn in this one!

Belle Fusion: Our signature class. Belle Fusion is a circuit style class where we use the reformer and other equipment in a circuit style session. Expect a little bit of everything Pilates, strength and conditioning.*

Belle Boxing: This class is Reformer and High-Intensity Interval Boxing. I. Lots of burn. A little bit of cardio. Heaps of fun! 

Belle Mat: The mat is where it began for Belle, and we LOVE it. Mat pilates is on the floor using body weight and small props for a total-body strength and mobility session. 

Belle Babies: This is the class where you byo baby! It is all about a gentle return to exercise postpartum. Our instructors have had expert training in postnatal exercise from "The Women's Health Collective". We will also have bodies in the room to help out with your little friends. 

Belle Glow: This is the class exclusively for our expecting mums. This class is all about strength and mobility throughout our pregnancy. 

Outdoor Classes

During the lockdown, we moved our work alfresco. 


It was amazing!

Our outdoor space is light-filled and airy. 

Perfect for summertime classes. 

So, we have kept our Belle Fusion and Belle Boxing Classes Outdoors for the remaining months of summer. 



Intro Offer:

This is available to all of our clients. 

3 Classes for $49. 

Come in for a taste of all we have to offer. 

My recommendation - come and try one of each class! 

Do a Reformer Class, Belle Fusion and a Belle Mat? 


Essentials Passes:

These passes are for our Belle Fusion, Belle Mat and Belle Boxing classes. 

Single class: $22

10 class pack: $199

Passes Valid for four months 

Reformer Passes: 

These passes are for Reformer Cruise and Reformer Sweat. 

Single class: $27

10 class pack: $249

Pass Valid for 4 months 

Best Value: 

30 Classes - $590 

These passes can be used for any class on our schedule. This is the perfect option if you want to come to classes 2-3 times per week. 

This pass will carry forward for five months! So no need to stress; you've got time to get through your classes.