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Belle Running - Round #3

Belle Running is our 8-week progressive Running Program. The program is suitable for beginner and intermediate runners.


Each week we progressively build our volume and intensity.


For our beginners, this is the perfect way to start with overloading and risking injury.  

For our intermediate runners, it is a great way to challenge yourself to build speed and stamina. 

Over 8 weeks, we will add distance, time and also change the terrain with some beach running and trail running sprinkled in there too. 

Pairing this program with your pilates, is the perfect combination. Running is a high-impact activity.


Without a component of strength training, the risk of injury significantly increases. This is where pilates paired with running is a fabulous combination.


You will be building the strength and mobility you need to keep running and reduce the risk of injury.

We’re had nearly 100 runners through the program this year, and EVERY SINGLE TIME, these runners come in nervous, that they might not be able to do it. And every time, the pop out the other side having surprised themselves with how far they have come. 

For our un-sure runners, we invite you to come along to our initial Belle Running Workshop on the 22nd of October, have a listen, bring all of your questions and let’s see if we can set you mind at ease and assure you, that you absolutely CAN do this!


What is included: 

  • 8 x Guided Group Running Sessions (valued at $160)

  • 8 x Recovery Sessions (a combination of water recovery and stretching) 

  • 1 x Belle Running Pack (Bag, Hat, Trigger Ball) (Valued at $50)

  • 1 x Running x Mindset Workshop with Ami Rankin (a catered afternoon where we explore our goals with regards to running and set ourselves up for success) (Valued at $39) 

  • 1 x FREE 15 minute Run Specific Screening from out friends at 6S physio. 

  • 1 x “End of run club” celebration catered by InnerGlow Kiosk (Valued at $39) 

  • Weekly Check-in’s to keep you on track and progressing through the program 

  • HUGE discounts on class passes 

  • Optional add on of 8 x Weekly Stretch Classes to your program (8 x classes valued at $199) 

  • And let’s not forget… Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

Dates and details: 

Sunday 22nd of October, 2:00pm - Belle Running Workshop, Ettalong Studio 

Saturday 28th October, 6:15am - Run #1 Ettalong Studio 

Saturday 4th November,6:15am - Run #2 Ettalong Studio

Saturday 11th November, 6:15am - Run #3 Ettalong Studio 

Saturday 18th of November 6:15am - Run #4 Ocean Beach SLSC/Ettalong Studio (tide pending) 

Saturday 25th November, 6:15am - Run #5 Ocean Beach SLSC/ Ettalong Studio (tide pending) 

Saturday 2nd December, 6:15am Run #6 Ocean Beach SLSC/ Ettalong Studio (tide pending) 

Saturday 9th of December, 6:15am Run #7 Blackwall Mountain Reserve 

Saturday 16th December, 6:15am, Run #8 Location TBC, followed by post-run celebration.


 What is new this time around? 

This time we will be creating specific programs for beginner runners and intermediate runners. We have got runners returning to Belle Running for the second and even third time, and its time to extend these runners! 

At the end of each run, we will have a dedicated cool down, and short stretch.

However - we now have a dedicated stretch class on the Belle Movement schedule 3 times per week. however, our runners may wish to add onto their booking 8 x 45-minute stretch classes.


Belle Running Workshop

Mindset is everything! Especially when you are thinking about taking on a new challenge!

This workshop is the first official part of Belle Running. We get together, talk about the challenge itself and break it down to get your body and mind ready to take on the challenge!

It is also, the last step for some of our un-sure runners, who might be considering joining the program. By the end of the afternoon, I think we will have you locked and loaded!

The workshop is co-presented by Belle Movement Owner and Lead Trainer, Jenna and the ever-fabulous, "Emotional Wellbeing and Mindset Coach", Ami Rankin.

Ami is going to unpack our self-limiting beliefs, shifting your mindset and setting goals! Ami is an  & is so great at helping you unpack those pesky roadblocks in your mind and setting achievable and realistic goals.

And Jenna will cover the physicality of running PLUS tell you a little bit about her journey into running (which might not be exactly what you think!)

The workshop is totally free, you DON NOT need to be a part of Belle Running to come along and have a listen, catch up with some friends and perhaps we can convince you that you, can in fact, do the running thing!

Run Only, Weekly/ Monthly Members $99 

Run Only - Casual Members/ New Clients $189 


Stretch Session Package Add On Weekly/ Monthly Members $39 

Stretch Session Package Add On Casual Members/ New Clients $79 


Class Pass Add On (8 x Pilates Classes/ 1 per week ) $179 

Class Pass Add on (16 x Pilates Classes/ 2 per week) $349

(Add on’s can be requested via email)

Join us! 

Mindset Work Shop, Sunday 22nd October, 2:00pm

(you only need to book this if you aren't sure if you are keen to join running! If you join, you will automatically have a spot in this workshop) 

Join Belle Running 
Weekly/ Monthly Members - to join, please send an email to Belle Movement 

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