Ask a nutritionist anything!

In the lead up to the "Spring Into Summer Challenge" I sat down with the amazing Jo - of JoKate Nutrition to answer all of the burning nutrition questions!

Want some little short cuts....

All things Sugar (fast forward to 1:30)


All things breakfast (fast forward to 5:30)


All things Carbs - bad or not bad? (Fast forward to 9:00)


All things autoimmune disease (Fast forward to 11:20)


All things weight loss and breastfeeding  (Fast Forward to13:00)   


All things weaning babies (Fast forward to16:10) 


And last but not least the Spring Into Summer Challenge (Fast forward to 20:30!)


**Side note: we have allllll 5 of our children in the studio whilst we have this chat!**


"Thank you Jenna and Jo! 

The Winter Challenge was so refreshing! 

The Food, the workouts, the content - All of it was just what I needed!"

- Bec, Winter Challenge- 


"I've never been into mindfullness..

But I loved these exercises! Such a nice way to re-think how I tackle my week" 

- Sam, Winter Challenge - 


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